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Special Ramadhan Bento At Midori
Promotion   | Viewed 857 times 

Price Range : RM68++

Promotion from 01 Aug 2011 until 29 Aug 2011

Breaking fast with Japanese food is unusual but not with Midori of Marriot Putrajaya. Knowing hungry office workers will want food fast, it has conveniently prepared its meals in a Bento Box, presenting a full dinner in an all-in-one set meal. The Bento Set offers Nimono (Simmered Dish), Agemono (Deep Fried Dish), Salad, choice of Soba, steamed white rich/garlic fried rice, choice of main - Soba/Shake/Gindara Shioyaki or Teriyaki/Grilled Mackeral/Salmon/Cod Fish with Salt or Teriyaki Sauce, Chawan Mushi, and assorted fresh fruits. If quick, simple but a fulfilling meal is the order of the day, then Midori is a sure bet. Each bento box is priced at RM68++.



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Midori Japanese Restaurant - Putrajaya Marriot Hotel

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa IOI Resort City, 62502 Selangor
City : Putrajaya
State : Selangor

Tel : 603-8949 8888
E-Mail : -





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