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New Flavours Of Mooncakes From Baker´s Cottage
Promotion   | Viewed 339 times 

Promotion from 01 Sep 2008 until 14 Sep 2008

Baker´s Cottage is introducing six new flavours of mooncakes this year.

Six new mooncakes from the Baker´s Cottage are Toffee Chocolate Walnut Brownie made with toffee paste full-flavoured, delectable walnut brownie.

Cappucino Oreo with aromatic cappucino pastry skin and paste wrap around soft Oreo filling. Green Tea Berries prepare with tang of strawberry paste giving delightful sweetness and light scent of green tea crust.

For those who are health-concious, Low Sugar Yam Gingko made with low sugar yam with nutritious gingko adding a combination of  nutrients and flavour. Another choice for healthy and suitable for all ages would be the No Sugar Added White Lotus made with Premium Hunan Lotus Seed.

To all chocoholic, Chocolate Strawberry Fondue made with delicious chocolate paste, rasberry and strawberry paste in chocolate crust.

The mooncakes are available at all 28 outlets and priced between RM7 and RM12.90 per piece.

* JCard member will join 10% discount for all mooncakes until Sept 14, 2008.

* For more information, contact Customer Service hoteline at Tel: 03-7980 8086 or e-mail: or visit




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