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Symbols of health, wealth and happiness

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The recently relaunched
Tai Zi Heen Chinese Restaurant
in Prince Hotel and Residence
Kuala Lumpur will be a fitting venue
for a reunion feast during the Chinese
New Year.
The restaurant\´s Chinese chef de
cuisine Ricky Thein, who has 23 years
culinary experience is recommending
six delicious dishes symbolic of
prosperity, health and wealth.

Among the must-try dishes is the
steamed Canadian cod fish prepared
Cantonese style, said Thein.

Depending on the size of the cod,
Thein said the fish is usually steamed
for about of 10 minutes in supreme
soya sauce with dried tangerine skin,
ginger and black fungus.

The dried tangerine skin and ginger
eliminate the fishy smell while the
dried tangerine skin also gives a fragrant
aroma to the dish.

\"It goes well with the soya sauce
and the black fungus lends a crunchiness
to the dish,\" Thein said.

The double-boiled pearl shark\´s fin
with bamboo pith and Chinese cabbage
will be a hit among soup lovers
where its superior stock takes eight hours to prepare.

Among the ingredients in the superior
stock are dried salt dish, scallop,
cuttlefish, and chicken. These ingredients
give the stock a rich, clear
broth with a savoury tinge.

\"It takes a week to soften the
shark\´s fin to make it edible. It is a
tedious task processing the fin which
involves soaking them in water, then
boiling, followed by steaming to take
away the impurities, after which they
are double boiled.

\"I have incorporated bamboo pith
for its crispy texture, while the Chinese
cabbage takes away the oiliness
in the soup,\" said Thein.

Thein also recommends the
braised dried oysters with fatt choy
(black moss), baby abalone, sea cucumber
and stir-fried greens.

The dish has whole baby abalone
which it is rarely served and that is
what sets Tai Zi Heen apart from the
other restaurants.

In most restaurants, abalone is
usually served in slices as it is easier
to cook compared with a whole baby

\"More time and care are needed to
ensure that the baby abalone cooks
perfectly. While braising it, I have to
ensure it cooks evenly and to achieve
the perfect texture, I have to prick
certain parts of the abalone which is
thicker and harder. The oyster and
abalone sauce gravy complements
the ingredients in this dish,\" he said.

Thein also mentioned the salmon
yee sang, stir-fried prawns with
pumpkin sauce served in rice nest
and the popular dessert — doubleboiled
hasma with red dates and
glutinous rice dumplings, as dishes
worthy of a new year dinner.

Thein said Tai Zi Heen will be the
ideal place for families to gather and
bond over good food.

The restaurant was refurbished
and was relaunched last October and
features a cosy ambience which is
ideal for family and friends to gather
for a special occasion.


By NST, , 24 Jan 2011


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Tai Zi Heen

Tai Zi Heen

Bar & Lounge

Prince Hotel & Residence, No.4 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 50450, Pusat Bandar, WP Kuala Lumpur read more >>

A Cantonese affair

A Cantonese affair


TAI Zi Heen Restaurant has a revamped menu that comprises a wide range of delightful dim sum and a la carte dishes, writ... read more >>

Symbols of health, wealth and happiness Symbols of health, wealth and happiness Symbols of health, wealth and happiness
Dumplings with refreshing cilantro, spring onions and celery Deep-fried spicy salmon yam puff
Pan-fried crispy egg noodle Roasted lamb rack with spicy Mongolian-style tomato sauce Braised tofu on spinach puree, topped with crab roe

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