Aroithai – Thai Street Food, Authentic Thai Cuisine at DaMen Subang
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Aroithai – Thai Street Food, Authentic Thai Cuisine at DaMen Subang

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Aroithai – Thai Street Food, Authentic Thai Cuisine at DaMen Subang

Aroithai – Thai Street Food located at DaMen Subang serve authentic Thai Cuisine. Now you can enjoys Thai Food at  Subang, need not to travel to Thailand. “Aroithai”! in Thai Language means nice food and they wish to give a “Thailicious” experience for people who crave Thai food.

Have you ever try Baby Lobster Tomyam soup noodles, or baby lobster tomyam spaghetti? AroiThai have wide range of Menu for you to choose, sure there is a menu suitable for you. Now I think I might can have a Lobster Tomyam Noodles as my Birthday Lunch, good idea?

Now you can order it online if you’re staying nearby by the link below,

At AroiThai – Thai Street Food, it is a spacious cozy restaurant, suitable for individual, family, or big group diner. They’re a famous dinning place for Lunch Crowd and Dinner Crowd, as it located at office/housing area. Parking at Damen Subang always not an issue, as they have plenty of parking space.

About AroiThai

Aroithai’s Food Philosophy: We believe every single Thai food can be enjoyed to its fullest on its own. We created a “solo cuisine” concept for every dish to play a single crescendo on your taste buds as you experience a golden requiem of flavors from each plate.
Every item on our menu is designed to fulfill a diner’s desire as the portion size of each dish is tailored for anyone to enjoy a variety of Thai flavors without getting too full. If you wish to dine with us privately, our food will keep you company during your stay.
As Thai cuisine focuses on enhancing the rich flavors in seafood, our main dishes are crafted to center around fresh sea prawns and grouper fish! Freshly bought in every day from the deep sea to the plates of your feast!

Aroithai – Thai Street Food
LG 23, Damen Mall,
Persiaran Kewajipan,
Usj 1, 47600 Subang Jaya,

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